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The L1™ Loudspeaker by Bose

DJ Raffi has dedicated himself to researching the very latest in ground breaking audio technology from Bose. The L1™ Loudspeaker by Bose is a giant leap forward in loudspeaker technology and it fits into Raffi's equipment line-up perfectly.


Unequalled research & development have given the Bose L1™ Loudspeaker very impressive capabilities...

The L1™ Loudspeaker sounds like high-end HiFi compared to many other systems. There's a recognizable difference in the delicacy and texture in sound reproduction, especially in comparison to most PA systems which tend to rely on very large speakers to move the sound.


It creates full-range sound out over nearly 180 degrees which means that virtually everyone in the room will be able to hear the same excellent quality of sound. Below is an example of how the sound travels from the Bose L1™ Loudspeaker versus a Conventional speaker: